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Man of the Hour Mag's Weekly Entertainment Extract: 21 Jump Street and Drifter Broken Road Review

What does 21 Jump Street and the new Drifter Series' Drifter: Broken Road I'm starring in have in common?…We're both reviewed in the online Man of The Hour magazine! Read the article here: 

Like their facebook page here: 

Remember: Episode 3 releases March 30th! view on or Blip 

Missed the other episodes? You can still watch them on our website!

Drifter: Broken Road - Indie Intertube review

Here is a review of the new webseries I’m starring in Drifter: Broken Road episode 1 by Indie Intertube here —> 

In this Indie Intertube episode, Amanda and April review the popular webseries Anyone But Me, Drifter: Broken Road, Embers of War, Sparklepuff Lazerium, Meet the Mayfarers, and The Steps

Episode 2 of Drifter: Broken Road is now live and Episode 3 releases March 30th, 2012  on or watch it on Blip!

Vote the new series I'm starring in for Indie Best Soap of the Week!

The new web series I am starring in is up for Indie Best Soap of the Week!  Vote Drifter: Broken Road (Chapter 1) at      No sign up required!  

Haven’t seen the episode yet?  Spend your next 10 minutes watching all the action of episode 1 at:

Synopsis ep.1:  Five years after a Second Civil War, a nameless Drifter runs into some trouble along the trail when she decides to go off the main road.


Call in today March 11th, 2012!

Did you get your clocks set right? Don’t forget, in just a few hours I’ll be on Arts Talk! Sunday March 11, 2012 at 3:00 pm CST/ 4:00 pm EST 

We’ll be discussing the March 16th premiere of “Drifter:  Broken Road” on   and my new role as Detective Jade in the web series “Bail Out” starring Dennis O’Neill and Terry Kiser.  Call in so we can talk music/film/webseries and more! :)

I know…  I’ve been bad about keeping up with Tumblr.  It’s just that SO much has been going on!  I’ll Tarantino it for you, work backwards and post more in a bit.  The most up to date news is that I was cast in the principal recurring role as Detective Jade in the new webseries dramedy “Bail Out” starring Dennis O’Neill and Terry Kiser. The level of talent signing on is amazing!  Nick Mancuso (Under Siege, the Outer Limits tv show) Al Dias (Spy Kids 4, Machete, The Ringer, The Good Guys);  Jim Blumetti (In Plain Sight, The Good Guys); Nellie Sciutto (Shutter Island, Entourage)…. it’s crazy.  

Anyway, here is a pic our DP Jeff Chaffin snapped while at the table read.  It’s exciting to be in a room and hear everyone bring the text of these characters to life.  Afterward, we had a session of fight choreography for the 1st episode of Bail Out.  It was intense and very fun. I could definitely get into this Krav Maga stuff some more.  It’s a very natural feeling type of fighting style. 

All right, more to come.  In the meantime, find us on facebook 

Twitter:  @bailouttv


"A Love Story In F Major"
Soulstice Symphony Music LLC
Vocals - Vanessa Leinani & Nick Pinder
Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved

Some nice, pretty music written by Nick Pinder at that I sang some vocals on for a new project he is working on.  I love working with Nick-he’s so talented.  Check out his site-he creates music for video games, film scoring, ads, jingles, pretty much anything in just about any genre you could think of. 


Hannah Duncan, a wonderful actress who portrayed the role of Emily, picked up a copy of Web Series Network magazine.  As you can see, she is pointing to the series we are both in called

We’re all excited to see the release of the first episode for Drifter: Broken Road (which is part I of the trilogy).  On the facebook fan page they announced that episode 1 is finished with editing, sOooOoO…the 1st episode should release soon… ;)

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